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Alexis works smart and eats smarter to attain the goals she has achieved

Muscle and Fiction

Common Myths and Misinformation in the fitness media

Alexis work smart and eats smarter to attain the goals she has achieved

Alexis works smart and eats smarter to attain the goals she has achieved

Here are some misconceptions and myths that I think we’ve all heard,read or encountered and some explanations and solutions to go with them.

If i exercise then it will negate all of my bad eating bad habits:
This always coincides with the “calories in calories out” concept. The flaw here is that a calorie is not just a calorie, that meaning that a calorie of Kale i not anything like a calorie of Pizza. Nutrient density is important in anyones diet who is looking to make long term productive changes in their body composition. Plain and simple, you cannot out exercise a bad diet.
I just want to “tone” my muscles:
Muscle tone is a totally misused and misunderstood word by fitness beginners and used by certain “fitness professionals” as deceptively as a used car salesman. The term “tone” when dealing with the musculo-skeletal system is in reference to motor unit recruitment. This is when the motor neuron (the nerves that send the signal from the brains to there respective body part) is able to reach out to as many muscle fibers as possible. High motor unit recruitment is what gives athletes both the edge in performance and that lean chiseled look (providing that their diet is in sync).
The other misconception that follows this one is that muscle tone can be achieved by using low resistance for high repetitions. Muscle tone is easiest to achieve if you perform multi joint exercises at 85% of muscle capacity and clean up your diet.
Women need different exercises than men.
This is honestly such a BS line and i’ve heard it used by “celebrity trainers” who try to make what they do seem special.
Although our hormonal make up obviously different our physiology is pretty much the same. the problem i see happening is that guys tend to do to much upper body(arms, chest, abs) and woman tend to do more lower body(legs, hips, abs). make sure that you train your whole body in all 3 planes of motion (sagital,frontal/coronal, and transverse) to keep it balanced.
Women should lift lower weights and do higher repetitions than men.
Flat out…WRONG!!! Without “Scientific Assistance” it is super difficult to achieve that kind of hypertrophy (muscle growth) in either men or women. The easiest way to directly affect change on the musculo-skeletal system is to add a level of resistance that will force the body to make an adaptive change and 3lb pink “lady weights” aint gonna do it. Again, being able to move 85% of your 1rm (1 rep max) using multi joint exercises is the best way to make this happen.
You should always stretch before exercising.
Static stretching before exercise has been shown to diminish strength and performance in athletes. Stretching is fine but save it for the cool down afterwards. a movement prep cycle using movements that will get the heart rate elevated, the joints lubricated, and the muscles activated will be much more beneficial and help to get your head in the frame of mind to do what ever the program of the day is.
it can take you anywhere from between 3 to 20 minutes depending upon what you have planned for your program for the day.
{if you need further information on this let me know and i’ll be glad to do a blog on concepts in movement preparation}
i can spot reduce (loose fat in one area):
this is one of the most abused myths in the industry and i really works my nerves because it plays on peoples fears.
The human body is an amazing organism that works systematically. Nothing in the body is meant to work in a vacuum. this being said, if you train the whole body, the whole body will benefit from it. I know we all have certain areas that we want to improve but again i stress, if you start to regulate your diet properly and also employ multi joint movement at appropriate resistance loads the benefits will come. The more muscles you use the more calories you’ll burn. exercises like dead lifts, stats, bodyweight pulling, push ups, overhead pressing and sprinting are optimal for this.
I’ll burn only fat at my target heart rate.
cardio equipment often features graphs listing target heart rates for fat burning, the body is too complex for them to be accurate. In all honesty the best time time spent burning fat is when you’re sleeping which is one of the best reason to make sure that you’re getting good rest. a good variety of interval training, both low and high intensity will help with this as well.
Shakes are great for weight loss.
This is so wrong!! Garbage in, garbage out!! Most shakes are made of inferior protein, sugars and coloring agents. They totally off set your blood sugar and insulin resistance. Eat real foods, lean grass fed meat, wild caught fish , colorful vegetables, and grains like quinoa, millet, and faro. These food also require more digestive work and use more energy burning more calories. as far as post workout nutrition i’ve found very few things that compare with sweet potatoes as far as nutrient density and convenience.
Eat only egg whites and not the yolks.
Egg yolks have taken a bad rap for a long time although they contain most of the vitamins and minerals in the egg including half of the protein. also, since the typical “egg white only” breakfast is usually neurotically fat free it can cause a significant insulin spike and promote hunger cravings as well as mood and energy swings later in the day. it was made as a perfect whole food and should be treated that way, in my opinion.